Sunday, January 2, 2022

Daily Gospel Reflection for January 2, 2022: The Epiphany of the Lord

 Today's Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

Where do you find God?

Like the Magi in today’s Gospel, God doesn’t always manifest Himself to us in the ways we assume that He will. Sometimes we find Him in an unexpected place and in an unassuming manner.

The Magi knew that they sought a newborn King. Knowing the infant to be royalty, they assumed He would reside in a majestic palace. Therefore, when the Magi reached Jerusalem, they went directly to the current king, Herod, thinking that he would know where to find this heir to the throne. But they were wrong.

Instead, the Magi had to journey elsewhere … not to a castle, but to a manger; not to the mighty city of Jerusalem, but to the humble town of Bethlehem. The Magi did not expect to find a King in such a place and in such poor conditions. Yet, they put aside their expectations, opening their hearts to this mysterious way God wished to come to them.

They trusted in the manifestation—epiphany—of God in this way. And they responded by giving the newborn King their very best treasures, which symbolize the destiny of this incredible child: gold for his perfect Kingship; frankincense for his royal Priesthood; myrrh to anoint His sacred body, given up to death for each of us.

Maybe you sometimes feel, like the Magi, that you can’t find God in your life. You are seeking Him, but there is emptiness and darkness instead. Where is He? Ask our Blessed Mother to help you. Like the Magi, you will surely always find “the child with Mary his mother” (Matthew 2:11).




Are you seeking the newborn King in all the circumstances, places, and people of your day, and—like the Magi—are you ready to respond by giving Him your very best?



Lord, help me never to stop seeking You, knowing that You are the answer to all my deepest hopes and desires. Blessed Mother, please draw me close to your Son. Amen.


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